Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Other workings

Working on a cryptex made out of PVC. We're talking 8 bands of code, 26 different settings per band, 208,827,064,576 possible combinations! Yeah, you read that right, over 208 BILLION (with a "B") combinations in the lock.

Figure that one out on a Thursday afternoon.

Hmmmm. .. Seems like we might have a puzzle cache on our hands.

I made easy caches. I then made a 5-5. Now I'm going to make a couple called "Tipping the Scales" 1 and 2 where it will either be a 1 difficulty with a 5 terrain (think dayglow orange 50 gallon drum on the side of a cliff) and a 5 difficulty 1 terrain (think multiple mind blowing hides in an easy to walk or wheelchair park.)

Got some other tricks up the old sleeve... trying to help some Okinawa cachers know the difference between terrain and difficulty.

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