Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Muggle Family Turns the big 50!!!

We hit our 50th cache today at Akano Monument where Muggle Mom made an easy grab. Had the rest of us schmucks wandering around like looney bin escapees. Big day for the family and we got to share it together.

Earlier today, Muggle Dad ran out for a few hours to meet up with some fellow cachers out at Torii Beach to teach some Japanese Boy Scouts about caching and to let them get their first taste, EQ (another geocacher from the island) placed some easy finds of varying type over the stretch of beach for them to find. It was an easy and fun day.

Geez, the day was so terribly simple and lighthearted, I sound moronic with my attempt at describing it. Oh well... I'll have more to say some other time.

Thanks guys for putting that on, and thanks again for thinking of the Muggles to help out.

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Just John said...

Wish I could have done some caching today. Did the marathon affect your travels at all today?