Monday, February 16, 2009

Newest Hide Ideas

This first was thought up by Mia... she wanted something pretty, pink, and with flowers.  What else would a four year old girl request in a cache hide?

Here's the result:

The canister screws into its lid inside the pot, water tight from the roots and dirt with a rubber gasket to keep the contents dry.

Chas wanted a Lego... How the heck do you make a cache out of a Lego?!?  So we decided to make a lego and place it in an Ammo can... the trick is getting in the lego to sign the logbook.  Here's the work:

Simon had an idea of his own.. we're just not finished with it yet.  We'll post a pic once it is in a state to do so.


Just John said...

Those are pretty slick! I really enjoy seeing the containers that took a lot of work and creativity.

Anonymous said...

I love the Lego idea. I might have to look into using that here in KC.