Saturday, February 28, 2009

Didn't think you were supposed to run with a poker

Did the poker run event today. Had a pretty good time and met some new people. Some, I found out, are going after "Stay Gone" in a couple of days. I hope they enjoy it. I know I had fun putting it in.

The kids had fun and climbed and played. They proudly displayed their caches for the competitions. Turns out we didn't win any FTFs from the event, but we did win the "search-a-word" and the prize for the most cammied cache.

Little Princess Muggle got a bit upset at the end when she realized that the voting had taken place and she had not gotten her chance to vote. Such a sad little citizen. It took like 10 minutes to get her to stop sobbing.

We all had a really good time out there. Thanks to LARCjpn for putting this all together.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dead quiet...

So for the past week or so the GoeCache scene has been pretty quiet. I guess everyone is catching up on caches they haven't gotten around to before... no one has placed any new. Well, that's not entirely true. I placed one called Nigel's cache the other day. A total of three people have gotten out there to get it. Wow... this is really slow. I expected more people to get out there on a new cache, especially after the lull we've been in.

I'm working on what I hope will be some interesting caches. I've got a couple of spots picked out already which are in the clear. I've got some caches made to place out. wow... it's quiet out there.

I've slowly been hitting those caches I've not found yet. I've been getting about 1 a day on my way home from work.

It's so quiet, I don't even have anything interesting to write about.

Ok... I'll just sign off then.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Am I devious yet?

So I was sitting around the computer tonight reading over the post for my newest cache NIGEL'S PARK and noticed I had a golf ball sitting there. I like to keep spherical things nearby. I never knew why, but they (spheres) make me feel good. So I picked it up and started to play with it while I surfed the web. Then I thought, grabbed two other items within arms reach and went to my work table.
I removed the end cap from the pen, the eraser cover from the mechanical pencil, and drilled a small opening into the golf ball...
The eraser cover from the pencil makes the vial for the cache note (probably coords to another stage) and the pen's old endcap now makes a nice stopper for the vial...
A little paint, and voila...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Muggle Family Turns the big 50!!!

We hit our 50th cache today at Akano Monument where Muggle Mom made an easy grab. Had the rest of us schmucks wandering around like looney bin escapees. Big day for the family and we got to share it together.

Earlier today, Muggle Dad ran out for a few hours to meet up with some fellow cachers out at Torii Beach to teach some Japanese Boy Scouts about caching and to let them get their first taste, EQ (another geocacher from the island) placed some easy finds of varying type over the stretch of beach for them to find. It was an easy and fun day.

Geez, the day was so terribly simple and lighthearted, I sound moronic with my attempt at describing it. Oh well... I'll have more to say some other time.

Thanks guys for putting that on, and thanks again for thinking of the Muggles to help out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Other workings

Working on a cryptex made out of PVC. We're talking 8 bands of code, 26 different settings per band, 208,827,064,576 possible combinations! Yeah, you read that right, over 208 BILLION (with a "B") combinations in the lock.

Figure that one out on a Thursday afternoon.

Hmmmm. .. Seems like we might have a puzzle cache on our hands.

I made easy caches. I then made a 5-5. Now I'm going to make a couple called "Tipping the Scales" 1 and 2 where it will either be a 1 difficulty with a 5 terrain (think dayglow orange 50 gallon drum on the side of a cliff) and a 5 difficulty 1 terrain (think multiple mind blowing hides in an easy to walk or wheelchair park.)

Got some other tricks up the old sleeve... trying to help some Okinawa cachers know the difference between terrain and difficulty.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Newest Hide Ideas

This first was thought up by Mia... she wanted something pretty, pink, and with flowers.  What else would a four year old girl request in a cache hide?

Here's the result:

The canister screws into its lid inside the pot, water tight from the roots and dirt with a rubber gasket to keep the contents dry.

Chas wanted a Lego... How the heck do you make a cache out of a Lego?!?  So we decided to make a lego and place it in an Ammo can... the trick is getting in the lego to sign the logbook.  Here's the work:

Simon had an idea of his own.. we're just not finished with it yet.  We'll post a pic once it is in a state to do so.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Poker Run

Looking forward to the upcoming Poker Run caching event at the end of this month. Should be fun. We'll try to stay longer than we did on the last one.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I totally forgot I had a blog over here. I should probably update.

Well, I've met a few geocachers since last time. I did a team cache hunt with Jaffer and his kids which was a blast. The kids, the wife and I are going out with them this weekend.

Sunday, I'm going deep into the woods with Geraldinetomsmith to place, what I believe to be, Okinawa's first 5 difficulty, 5 terrain geocache. It's going to be wicked. The kind of wicked where you leave the kids and the dog at home. You bring a buddy in case you wind up breaking yourself. The kind where you curse the people who put the thing out there. It will be tough, it will make you want to quit, it will give you the satisfaction of conquering it should you tough it out to the end. The goal, torture. The reward, torture... and maybe a nice view along the way... but mostly torture.

In other news, I created yet another cache from everyday items. This one took a broken nano container, a bolt, a nut, a washer, and some pieces of fake foliage, some paint, and a little glue.

The result? Carrot Cache!