Monday, May 25, 2009

Sayonara Event Cache

If you'd like a copy to commemorate your attendance:
Click the pic to expand, then right-click and save to your computer.

Thank much to Flipper, Gribbon and the crew for putting this on, you guys have given a lot to this community out here and we thank you for it as well. Best of luck in your travels. Thanks also to whomever thought enough of our caches to recommend us for prizes.

We were glad to see everyone who came. Yet again our event outing was cut short, but we really enjoyed meeting and talking with other cachers. Thanks for the prize(s) and we'll work to make certain we earned them.



Erika Jean said...

Lol the kid giving himself bunny ears is the best!

Hi, My name is: Tim said...

I saw that back there... isn't it hilarious?

Just John said...

Good to see you there, Tim. Thanks for the pic.