Sunday, May 10, 2009


I made a couple of new Travel Bugs recently. (Travel Bugs are a trackable dog tag you can attach to an item which goes from cache to cache which you can view at to see its travels throughout the world.) These Travel Bugs, or TBs as they're known, are made with the concept of CITO, or Cache-In-Trash-Out, in mind. The idea is that geocachers will go to a cache and when they're done, will take a bag of trash with them as they leave to help keep the playing field nice and clean.

The construction was easy enough. I took a 35mm film canister, a keyring, a TB, and a white plastic bag from the supermarket and assembled a little bag carrying trackable item where the cacher can remove the bag when they find the TB, pick up some trash on their way out, refill the bag into the container when they get home, and then send the TB back out to another needy cache. This way the cacher does not need to carry bags out to the cache site with them and it makes the idea of CITO easy to follow.

Enough talking, here's the pics:There's just enough room for the bag with the lid closed. I think I might just make a slew of these and hand them out.

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The Kman said...

Very cool idea for a travel bug!