Sunday, May 10, 2009


We adopted a couple of caches this weekend...

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Katsuren-jo, Amawari's Crib

These caches belonged to cachers here on the island who are due to rotate soon, but we couldn't let the caches disappear or turn into Geo-trash upon their leaving. (Geo-trash, by the way, is a term for an abandoned cache which essentially turns into trash left strewn over the earth by careless cachers.)

We really enjoyed finding these caches and wanted to keep them alive for future cachers to find. We'd like to encourage other cachers to be mindfull when they leave an area and either hand off their geocaches through adoption to someone who can take care of them, or simply go out there and remove the cache entirely.

I'd like to thank those cachers here, The Ferry Family and Gribbon, for their contributions in this area of the world. We'll take good care of these while we have them and will hand them off responsibly when it is our time to go.

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