Sunday, May 10, 2009

More on mapping

So in the last post I talked about the possibility of marking the centerpoint of the caches I've found. I was interested in seeing where it was in relation to where I live and where I work. Is it closer to the market?

Well, I was updating my statistics in GSAK today and found when I did, there was an option to find the "Cache centroid". Well, it appears I may have schnookered myself out of finding the real center of my caching as I recently logged a find in Cuckoo Cache. This was an interesting cache in that it travels from cache to cache itself like a travel bug. Well, when I logged the find, it registered in England! After you average that into all the other finds, it really shifts the center coordinate a little northeast.

I know I can just take all the Lats and longs and make an average which excludes the Cuckoo Cache, but that's just tedious. I might get to it, but don't expect it to be today. In the meantime, here's where GSAK put the center.

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